Anders Brødsgaard (1955)



Anders Brødsgaard was born in 1955 and studied piano from 1974 at the Funen Academy of Music with Rosalind Bevan as a teacher.

From 1979 he studied contemporary piano music with Elisabeth Klein in Copenhagen and piano at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Anker Blyme.

Compositionstudies with Karl Aage Rasmussen, Per Nørgård and Hans Abrahamsen.

Anders Brødsgaard began by writing rigorously structured pieces, inspired by the serial composers of the 50s - above all Karlheinz Stockhausen.

In the pieces from 1990 and onwards he has been working with fundamental musical phenomenons like tonality and regular pulse and he is still inspired by the post-Pythagorean idea of a musical continuum between the musical parameters. An example of how such ideas can sound may be heard on the 65 minute recording of the piano cycle ”In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” (Dacapo 2008).

Newer pieces still deal with rhythmic structures, for exampel ”Six Sax Examples” (2006) and ”Monk’s Mixtures” (2009) for orchestra which is recorded together with Galaxy on Dacapo Records (2010).

Central works

Blackbird for clarinet and piano (1983)

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni for piano and ensemble(1990-95), Galaxy for orchestra (1990-99)

Voyage, an Operatorio (1997-2000)

Opus Es #1-5 (2002)

Rollerball, a Radioratorio (2006)

Six Sax Examples (2006)

10 Galgenlieder (2008)

Monk’s Mixtures for orchestra (2009)

Important performances

Opening concert at the NUMUS Festival, Aarhus, DK, 1987 (Procession II)

Portrait Concert at Fyns Unge Tonekunstnere, Odense, DK, 1988

Schreyaner Herbst, Germany, 1993

Takefu International Music Festival, Japan, 1993

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, England, 1997 (Piano Concerto)

Music Harvest, Odense, DK, 1999 (Galaxy)

The Other Opera, Copenhagen, DK, 2000 (Voyage)

Composer in Residence, Esbjerg Ensemble, 2002 (Opus Es #1-6)

Danmarks Radio, 2007 (Rollerball. Radioratorio)

Solo CD

Dreamfragments (Classico, 2000)

In girum imus nocte consumimur igni (Dacapo, 2008)

Galaxy (Dacapo, 2010)

Prizes and Grants

Karen–Magrethe Brüels Legat. Ambassadør Emil Torp–Pedersen og hustrus Legat

Albani Legatet

Victor Rosschous Legat

Aksel Agerbys Mindelegat

Danish Arts Foundations 3 Year Scholarship (1989)

Dansk Komponistforenings Legat

Hakon Børresenprisen

Carl Nielsenprisen 2009

Statens Kunstfonds præmiering 1998 for Algol 8

International Rostrum of Composers, Paris 1999, recommended work: Algol 8